Rectors Workshop: Excellence in Higher Education

News Date : 20/11/2011




The Academic Leadership Center at the Ministry of Higher Education held its annual workshop for the rectors of Saudi universities in the Intercontinental Hotel, Taif, during the period from November 14 to 15, 2011, with the presence of H.E. the Minister of Higher Education and the rectors of Saudi universities. The workshop entitled "Excellence in Higher Education," addresses the following topics:
1. Current Issues in Undergraduate Education
2. Measurement of Student Learning Outcomes.
3. Pathways to Excellence in Undergraduate Education.
4. Student Engagement for Better Results.
5. Transformative education for the future: A perspective from Singapore.
6. Undergraduate Research:  A High-Impact Strategy for Excellence.
7. Integrated Space & Programmatic Planning for Undergraduate Education: A Case Study.
8. Building Relationships with Business/Industry for the Advantage of Both Students and Faculty.
9. The Role of the Rector in Leading Excellence.
H.E. Dr. Khaled S. Al-Sultan, KFUPM Rector and the General Supervisor of The Academic Leadership Center, pointed that the Center organized 64 workshops since its establishment from September 2009 focusing on the Saudi Universities demands.
“The Center served 1600 academician and 77 graduate students who are expected to have a future leadership rule,” Dr. Al-Sultan said. “The following year, the center will organize 38 workshops and establish study and research unit “. HE added.