University Schools in the First Place in General Aptitude and Educational Attainment Tests

News Date : 14/12/2015

​Got “Qiyas” Excellence Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year

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University Schools has achieved, in its boys and girls sections, the first place in General Aptitude and Educational Attainment tests, the results of which were announced recently by the National Center for Assessment preceding its counterpart from government and private schools.
Furthermore, the University schools have also received the year "Qiyas” excellence award for the fourth consecutive year since launching the prize. The schools will receive the medal of excellence for the fourth time in a special ceremony organized by the National Center for Assessment along with the opening ceremony of the second conference for assessment under the patronage of his Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, governor of Riyadh.
University Schools' Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Husain Salem Al-Attas, said that the University schools are nonprofit civil schools, established in 1980 at KFUPM. The establishment of these schools contributed to a paradigm shift on multiple levels, including the expansion of school buildings, infrastructure development, a plurality of critical infrastructure that keeps pace with the development in the areas of education, accompanied by an increase in the capacity of students, faculty members and assistant departments.
Dr. Attas noted that the University school is a private system schools for boys and girls starting from kindergarten to grade 12, following the official government curriculum and supporting it by additional enrichment curricula in math, science, Arabic language, English language, and computer. Most of course subjects have a higher share of lectures than in public or private schools. University Schools accepting students of all nationalities whom can fit in its academic education system and it grants its students a clear understanding of their culture and beliefs. It also strengthens their national, religious and social noble values, provides them with life skills consistent with their abilities and their mental, physical, and spiritual needs through multiple mental and physical activities that makes learning at University Schools fun and useful, and enhances students’ passion and motivation to learn.
 Dr. Al-Attas pointed that the Schools follow sophisticated systems in modern teaching methods, derive all its work from strategic and effective plans, apply aspects of eLearning, and implement professional development programs. The Schools also create an educational climate that fosters creativity and talent and supports excellence, which contributed to the schools to acquire leading positions in the Kingdom.
He said that the number of students in the University Schools is more than 2700 students, distributed over 7 stages from kindergarten up to secondary level, taught by over 300 teachers from different disciplines.
Finally, Dr. Al-Attas thanked all members of University Schools, and congratulated the students and their parents whom collaborated and participated in achieving the Schools’ objectives.