The International Advisory Board of KFUPM Held its 6th Meeting.

News Date : 19/10/2010
The International Advisory Board (IAB) of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals held its 6th  Meeting during August 3-4, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.
Upon starting the meeting, H.E. the Rector of the University Dr. Khaled S. Al-Sultan welcomed the chairman and the members of the board referring to the deep appreciation of the University for the Board’s continued constructive efforts and genuine support to the University. Dr. Al-Sultan expressed his hopes that the IAB will continue to maintain its distinguished role in offering the most suitable consultations and recommendations in the subjects to be discussed during the meeting. Al-Sultan praised the depth of the reviews and discussions that the members perform which positively reflects on the outcome of the IAB meetings.
Dr. Khattab G. Al-Hinai, Secretary General of the IAB, started the first session of discussions by presenting KFUPM achievements over the period that followed the  5th meeting that was held in January, as well as the recent academic , research, community and students activities developments.
The Board then reviewed the status and progress of scientific research at the University. Dr. Sahel N. Abduljauwad, the Vice-Rector for Applied Research, delivered a comprehensive presentation on research in which he itemized its organizational relationships, resources, types, tools, , etc.. Also, Dr. Abduljauwad specifically talked about the clients of applied research projects in the Universitys. He gave axamples of the ongoing partnership programs between the University and the various local and global industrial corporations.  
The Vice Rector stated the prospective attitudes in KFUPM research activities which have been a subject for continued improvement through deliberated studies, so that the research in KFUPM will be aligned along with the national needs, the  scientific developments and the requirements of KFUPM industrial & economical partners and clients. 
Dr. Faleh Al-Sulaiman, Vice Rector for Technology Development & Industrial Relations presented to the IAB the on activities and efforts that the University has been undertaking to achieve KFUPM’s view in transferring and localizing technology. He described these processes through presenting the role of King Abdullah Science Park and by the mutual cooperation between KFUPM and local and international companies in the fields of power and technology.  In his presentation, Dr. Al-Sulaiman pointed to the function of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology in rooting the culture of knowledge and innovation in the local community, as well as the roles of the Technology Business Incubator,  the Innovation Center and the Industrial Liaison Office.
Over the second day of meetings, Dr.  Martin Jischke, the Chairman of the IAB, reviewed the progress in the processes of the cooperation program between the mechanical engineering departments in KFUPM & MIT. Dr. Jischke also serves as the chairman of a consultative committee that was specifically formed for this purpose.
The Board finally discussed a study prepared by the Dean of Faculty & Personnel, Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Khaldi that presented the University efforts in attracting academic & research talents, the results achieved by recruiting teams to the US, Canada and the UK, to recruit the graduates from the most distinguished universities as well as in encouraging the distinguished graduates from King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program to work in the academic departments at KFUPM.
The last session of the meeting was specified for concluding remarks and for the board members to provide their final recommendations in a practical form.
The meeting was also attended by Dr.Sami Abdulrahman Khaiyat, Supervisor for Technical Affairs, Dr. Mesfer M. Al-Zahrani, Dean of Student Affairs and Dr. Halim Hamid Redhwi, Assistant Supervisor, Dhahran Techno-Valley