Vision, Mission and Values

The process of reaching the desired outcomes involved extensive iterative thinking. The process started with a careful situational analysis taking into account the previous efforts in the first KFUPM Strategic plan, relevant data about the University, input from the main stakeholders, results from focus group meetings and workshops, and comparison with several strategic plans of other international and regional institutions. As a result, the Steering Committee identified the key strategic issues and the main ingredients for the vision and mission statements. After analyzing the current situation and assessing current KFUPM ambitions, the strategic goals and strategies related to them were formulated. This process involved extensive re-evaluation and genuine feedback from the University Administration, the Executive Committee for the strategic plan, the International Advisory Board (IAB), and KFUPM stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a preeminent institution known for its globally competitive graduates, cutting edge research, and leadership in energy discoveries.

Teaching and Research are the main two core functions of KFUPM. The vision is ambitiously drafted to reflect the aspired outcomes of both. Global Competitiveness of graduates requires that they are prepared with high knowledge, sharp skills, real ethics and instilled leadership. Carrying cutting-edge research in all its fields will enable KFUPM to make scholarly impact and contribute to national needs. In addition, as KFUPM is focusing in its research and technology development on energy and its related fields, it aims to achieve leadership in this challenging area. In all of these ambitious stands, KFUPM strives to be a preeminent institution worldwide.

Our Mission

To make a difference within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond in the fields of sciences, engineering and business; we are committed to

  • graduating leaders who are knowledgeable, skillful, and productive members of society
  • creating new knowledge that makes a scholarly impact, provides innovative solutions, and contributes to the national economy
  • engaging our society, alumni, and partners, in valuable endeavors

While the mission of almost every higher education institution is centered around the three key components of teaching, research, and community service, KFUPM is committed to make a difference in all what it does. This distinct contribution is to be witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond, keeping its focus on the fields of sciences, engineering and business. KFUPM’s mission highlights the main characteristics of its graduates which should make them ahead of their peers. Research will make a difference only when it is creative and innovative. While addressing global trend and making a scholarly impact in research, KFUPM is giving essential local needs the appropriate attention. Finally, KFUPM believes that engagement with the society is an opportunity to partner with its key stakeholders, contribute to the prosperity and intellectuality of the community, and enrich the experience of KFUPM community.

Our Values

Guided by the Islamic principles, these values form the foundation upon which KFUPM builds its reputation and success:

  • Integrity: Adhere to ethical and professional code of conduct that encapsulates honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness
  • Fairness: Deal fairly and humanely with all peo­ple, respecting justice and individual rights and freedom
  • Transparency: Deal in a transparent manner in mat­ters of education, performance and progress of faculty, staff and students
  • Passion: Conduct our work with enthusiasm and engage actively and positively with our partners and collaborators
  • Inclusiveness: Attract and develop employees and students of different nationalities seeking to promote cultural diversity through inclusion of a broad range of people and perspectives
  • Care: Provide support to our Community and looking after their growth and needs in a motivating work environment
  • Discipline: Focus on a disciplined behavior, interaction and approach to our pro­fessional work
  • Creativity: Encourage and entertain creative ideas and solutions in teaching, learning, and research, placing it at the forefront of our focus and initiatives