Diploma Courses and Admissions

An applicant for admission to the University must satisfy the following conditions:

  • 01. ​He must have the secondary school certificate or its equivalent and satisfy all University requirements needed for the specific program he intends to enroll in.
  • 02. ​He must successfully pass the preparation tests in English Language and calculus or the preparation courses required.
  • 03. He must successfully pass any examination or personal interviews as determined by the admission rules.
  • 04. He must follow all University rules during the program period.
  • 05. He must pay the tuition of any training courses he needs to take before the registration.


When evaluating these courses, the University gave priority to serving the community and producing qualified technicians. For this, it asks a minimal tuition fee to join these programs paid before the registration for any course. The cost of one credit hour is SR550 for individuals and SR1500 for organizations and companies.

This fee does not meet the real cost of offering these materials and the rest of it is financed from other sources.