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 Closed Projects

#Project TitlePIFunding agency
1Study of the Structural Properties and Hydrodesulfurization Activity of MoS2 and Co/MoS2 Catalysts Prepared by Laser PyrolysisDr. Zain YamaniCENT 
2Development of Metal-Oxide Zeolite Nanostructures for Hydrogen and Hydrogen Sulfide DetectionDr. Zain YamaniNSTIP
3Zeolite Nanosheets/Crystals as a Materials Platform for Improved Refining CatalystsDr. Oki Muraza MulukNSTIP
4Carbon Nanofibers Grown on 3-D Solid Structures for Applications in Energy-Related CatalysisDr. Oki Muraza MulukNSTIP
5High-Speed Water Sterilization Using Conducting  Polymer-Metal Nanoparticles CompositeDr. Rafil A BasheeCENT
6Nitrogen-Modified CNTs as Pt-Free Catalysts for Fuel Cells Dr. BelabbesNSTIP
7Development of Highly Efficient Visible-light-driven Mesoporous Nanostructured Materials for Photocatalytic Applications Dr. Mohammad QamarNSTIP
8Development of advanced and functional nano-structured mesoporous zeolites for hydrodesulphurizationDr. Mohammad QamarNSTIP
9Nano Agents for residual oil sensingDr. Zain YamaniSaudi Aramco
10Development of nanostructured visible-light-driven silver-based oxides for water decontaminationDr. Safyan KhanNSTIP
11Engineered Porous Catalytic Nano-Architectures for Conversion of Natural Gas Derivatives to Fuels and Valuable ChemicalsDr. Oki Muraza MulukNSTIP
12Development of Nanostructured Electrode for Brine Electrolysis to Generate High Flow Rate of Hydrogen GasDr. Mohammad QamarAramco
13Processing and characterization of SiAlON-based ceramic nanocomposites reinforced with SiC and WC nanoparticles for cutting tool and other wear resistance applications  Dr. Abbas S HakeemNSTIP
14Lanthanide chelate coated gold nanoparticles for visualization of fluid flow within rocks by X-ray CT and MRI imagingDr. M N ShaikhNSTIP
15Nanostructured ZeolitesDr. Oki Muraza MulukSaudi Aramco
16 Fabrication of well-aligned hetero-nanostructured oxide arrays and their graphene nanoarchitectures for solar driven hydrogen production applicationDr. Ahsan Ul haq  Qurashi NSTIP
17Fabrication of well-aligned hetero-nanostructured oxide arrays and their graphene  nanoarchitectures for solar driven hydrogen production applicationDr. Ahsan Ul haq  Qurashi KACST
18Fabrication of boron nitride nanocomposites hard materials for cutting tool and abrasive applications by spark plasma sintering.  Dr. Abbas S HakeemNSTIP
19Hierarchical Structured Catalysts for Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Eco-friendly FuelsDr. Oki Muraza MulukNSTIP
20Development of plasmonic-metal/metal oxide nanocatalyst for photocatalytic applicationsDr. Mohammad QamarNSTIP
21Development of Electrochemical Sulfide Ion Sensor with Nanomaterial-functionalized  ElectrodesDr. Md. Abdul AzizNSTIP
22Design and synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles supported bis-phosphine ligands for Rh-catalyzed organic transformation of OlefinsDr. Nasiruzzaman ShaikhNSTIP
23Synthesis of metal-organic frameworks for the detection of heavy metals in oil-polluted waste waterDr. Aasif HelalNSTIP
24Novel Zeolite catalysts for selective conversion of methanol to OlefinsDr. Oki Muraza MulukSABIC
25Fabrication of Calibration Free Sensors for Heavy MetalsDr. Manzar SohailDSR
26Photocatalytic CO2 reduction to chemical fuelDr. Manzar SohailDSR
RhNPs on Ultrasmall Magnetic Nanoparticles: Re-usabel Catalyst for Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Heteroarenes in WaterDr. Nasiruzzaman Shaikh CENT
​Development of Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for the Conversion of Renewably-Generated Electrical Energy into Chemical Energy
​Dr. Mohammad Qamar
Noble Metals Sensitized Nanostructured SnO2 Films for Gas Sensing Applications​​Dr. Qasem Ahmed Qasem Drmosh

​Development of High-Performance Hydrogen Sensor Using Metal Functionalized ZnO/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Synthesized via High Power Laser
​Dr. Qasem Ahmed Qasem Drmosh