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 Development of model nano-drilling fluids for achieving synergies performance

Objective of this research:

The objective of this research project is to formulate and investigate physiochemical properties of a model drilling fluids utilizing the nanomaterials. We will investigate the significance of nanomaterial which may influence thermal and rheological properties, lubrication, drag reduction, and sagging in drilling operations. Overall it is extremely difficult colloidal chemistry challenge to isolate the interaction of weighting agents having different chemistry, density, size and shape with other drilling fluids components such as solvent, dispersant/wetting agent, gelling agents, and the viscosity modifier to develop model drilling nanofluids. In real, there is a complex balance of dynamic processes need to be investigated for developing a model drilling nanofluids possessing superior thermal properties, enhanced stability, altered wettability, better lubrication, low friction coefficient, and reduced drag.

Taking this challenge on board, a well-characterised series of nano-sized weighting agents will be used to develop model drilling nanofluids, and their properties will be compared to the traditionally being used micro-size weighting agents. These nano-sized weighting agents are expected to provide a significantly higher surface area for wettability/dispersity and heat exchange during drilling operations. An extensive amount of data will be generated by BET surface area analysis, Turbiscan sedimentation studies, Kruss contact angle measurements, and monitoring rheological properties to achieve proposed model drilling nanofluids.

Group Members:

  • Dr. Safyan Khan
  • Dr. Sahid Ali

Research facilities:

Fully equipped lab for synthesis facilities, Turbiscan, Dynamic light scattering, Xego Acorn area measurements, High speed centrifuge, UV visible spectroscopy, High shear silverson mixers, Access to Rheological facilities, SEM, TEM, Contact angle measurements, XRD analysis, EPR measurements.   


Center for Integrative Petroleum Research (CIPR), KFUPM

On-going project:

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Super-Paramagnetic Nanomaterials as Imaging Agents for Crude Oil-Bearing Formation
  • Sand coating for oil exploration applications
  • Development of Smart Complex Nanofluids for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Latest publications:

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