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 Gas Separation

Objective of this research:

Designing and synthesizing new polymeric, inorganic or hybrid materials for different gas application/s.

Novel strategies to enhance membrane performances and ideal characteristics of membrane/s are:

  •     High flux (high permeability, thin)
  •     High selectivity
  •     Mechanical stability
  •     Chemical stability (tolerance to feed components)
  •     Excellent manufacturing reproducibility, low cost
  •     Ability to be packaged in high surface area modules

Group Members:

  •     Dr. Zain H. Yamani
  •     Dr. Mohd Yusuf Khan
  •     Dr. Abbas. S. Hakeem
  •     Dr. Ehsan Ali  


Research facilities:

  •    Material synthesis facilities.
  •    Advanced characterization facilities (like SEM, XRD-EDX, Raman, UV-NIR visible spectrum, TGA/DCS, FTIR, Particle analyzer, BET etc.).


On-going project:

  •     Development of Dense Metallic Membranes for H2 Separation (Saudi Aramco funded)
  •     Fabrication of High-Performance Polymeric/Hybrid Membranes for the Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas

Latest publications:

  •     Biomass derived carboxylated carbon nanosheets blended polyetherimide membranes for enhanced CO2/CH4 separation
  •     Dynamic Analysis of Plasticization Phenomenon: An Experimental Study of High-pressure CO2 Separation Using Polysulfone Membrane.