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 2015 CENT Affiliated Published Papers


​97"Weatherability of conventional and nanocomposites of LDPE and Zinc Oxide", Redhwi HH, Siddiqui MN, Andrady AL, Muhammad Y, Syed H, Polymer Composites, 2017 (38) 341-8.
96"Evaluation of mechanical and thermal properties of microwave irradiated poly (styrene-co-methyl methacrylate)/graphene nanocomposites", Zubair M, Jose J, Al-Harthi MA, Composite Interfaces, 2015 (22) 595-610.
95"Synthesis, characterization and reaction kinetics of PMMA/silver nanocomposites prepared via in situ radical polymerization", Siddiqui MN, Redhwi HH, Vakalopoulou E, Tsagkalias I, Ioannidou MD, Achilias DS, European Polymer Journal, 2015 (72) 256-69.
94"Preparation and properties of polypropylene-asphaltene composites", Siddiqui MN, Polymer Composites, 2015.
93"Studies of Different Properties of Polystyrene‐Asphaltene Composites", Siddiqui MN, Macromolecular Symposia, 2015 (354) 184-90.
92"Visible-light-induced photodegradation enhancement of methyl orange over bismuth oxybromide through a semiconductor mediated process", Shi H, Gondal MA, Al-Saadi AA, Chang X, Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, 2015 (18) 78-84.
91"The Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Tert-butyl Ether Under Pd/ZnO and Visible Light Irradiation", Seddigi ZS, Ahmed SA, Bumajdad A, Danish EY, Shawky AM, Gondal MA, et al., Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2015 (91) 265-71.
90"Role of crystal growth modifiers in the synthesis of ZSM-12 zeolite", Sanhoob MA, Muraza O, Al-Mutairi EM, Ullah N, Advanced Powder Technology, 2015 (26) 188-92.
89"Characterization of mechanically milled and spark plasma sintered Al2124-CNT nanocomposites", Saheb N, Science of Sintering, 2015 (47) 119-29.
88"Hierarchical ZnO/zeolite nanostructures: synthesis, growth mechanism and hydrogen detection", Qurashi A, Alhaffar M, Yamani ZH, RSC Adv, 2015 (5) 22570-7.
87"Facile catalyst-free straightforward thermal evaporation of ultra-long antimony oxide microwires: Synthesis and characterization", Qurashi A, Superlattices and Microstructures, 2015 (81) 161-6.
86"Highly Efficient and Selective Oxidation of Aromatic Alcohols Photocatalyzed by Nanoporous Hierarchical Pt/Bi2WO6 in Organic Solvent-Free Environment", Qamar M, Elsayed RB, Alhooshani KR, Ahmed MI, Bahnemann DW, ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2015 (7) 1257-69.
85"Chemoselective and highly efficient conversion of aromatic alcohols into aldehydes photo-catalyzed by Ag3PO4 in aqueous suspension under simulated sunlight", Qamar M, Elsayed RB, Alhooshani KR, Ahmed MI, Bahnemann DW, Catalysis Communications, 2015 (58) 34-9.
84"Enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic activity of WO3-surface modified TiO2 thin film", Qamar M, Drmosh Q, Ahmed MI, Qamaruddin M, Yamani ZH, Nanoscale Research Letters, 2015 (10) 54.
83"Amelioration in the visible-light-driven photocatalysis by <002> faceted WO3 nanocuboids", Qamar M, Alhooshani K, Ahmed MI, Azad AM, Merzougui B, Catalysis Communications, 2015 (70) 21-5.
82"Single-Pot Synthesis of 001-Faceted N-Doped Nb2O5/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting", Qamar M, Abdalwadoud M, Ahmed MI, Azad AM, Merzougui B, Bukola S, et al., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2015 (7) 17954-62.
81"Estimation of surface tension of methyl esters biodiesels using computational intelligence technique", Owolabi TO, Gondal MA, Applied Soft Computing, 2015 (37) 227-33.
80"Synthesis, characterization and anticancer activity of gold(III) complexes with (1R,2R)-(−)-1,2-diaminocyclohexane", Omer KH, Seliman AA, Altaf M, Casagrande N, Aldinucci D, Altuwaijri S, et al., Polyhedron, 2015 (102) 773-81.
79"Fiber-Embedded Metallic Materials: From Sensing towards Nervous Behavior", Saheb N, Mekid S, Materials, 2015 (8) 7938-61.
78"Effect of Processing on Mechanically Alloyed and Spark Plasma Sintered Al-Al2O3Nanocomposites", Saheb N, Shahzeb Khan M, Hakeem AS, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015 (2015) 1-13.
77"Tetrakis(thione)platinum(II) complexes: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, crystal structures, andin vitrocytotoxicity", Mustafa AZA, Monim-ul-Mehboob M, Jomaa MY, Altaf M, Fettouhi M, Isab AA, et al., Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2015 (68) 3511-24.
76"Aquathermolysis of heavy oil: A review and perspective on catalyst development", Muraza O, Galadima A, Fuel, 2015 (157) 219-31.
75"A review on coke management during dry reforming of methane", Muraza O, Galadima A, International Journal of Energy Research, 2015 (39) 1196-216.
74"Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of submicron ZSM-22 zeolites and their applications in light olefin production", Muraza O, Abdul-lateef A, Tago T, Nandiyanto ABD, Konno H, Nakasaka Y, et al., Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2015 (206) 136-43.
73"Hydrous pyrolysis of heavy oil using solid acid minerals for viscosity reduction", Muraza O, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2015 (114) 1-10.
72"Maximizing Diesel Production through Oligomerization: A Landmark Opportunity for Zeolite Research", Muraza O, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2015 (54) 781-9.
71"Flow-assisted automated solid-phase microextraction for the determination of chloroethers in aqueous matrices", Mousa A, Basheer C, Abdulnaser A, Alhooshani K, Al-Arfaj A, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2015 (95) 744-53.
70"Development of an improved ligand mimetic calibration system for the analysis of iron(III) in seawater using the iron(III) chalcogenide glass ion selective electrode: A combined mechanistic and analytical study", Maric M, Sohail M, Veder J-P, De Marco R, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015 (207) 907-17.
69"A fluorescent chemosensor for sequential recognition of gallium and hydrogen sulfate ions based on a new phenylthiazole derivative", Kim B-Y, Kim H-S, Helal A, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015 (206) 430-4.
68"A facile fabrication of platinum nanoparticle-modified graphite pencil electrode for highly sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide", Kawde A-N, Aziz M, Baig N, Temerk Y, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015 (740) 68-74.
67"Compatibilizing role of carbon nanotubes in poly(vinyl alcohol)/starch blend", Jose J, De SK, AlMa'adeed MA-A, Dakua JB, Sreekumar PA, Sougrat R, et al., Starch - Stärke, 2015 (67) 147-53.
66"Effect of graphene loading on thermomechanical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)/starch blend", Jose J, Al-Harthi MA, AlMa'adeed MA, Dakua JB, De SK, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015 (132) n/a-n/a.
65"Schiff Base Ligand Coated Gold Nanoparticles for the Chemical Sensing of Fe(III) Ions", Jimoh AA, Helal A, Shaikh MN, Abdul Aziz M, Yamani ZH, Al-Ahmed A, et al., Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015 (2015) 1-7.
64"The role of alcohols and diols as co-solvents in fabrication of TON zeolite", Jamil AK, Muraza O, Al-Amer AM, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2015 (29) 112–9.
63"Synthesis, crystal structure and electrochemical and DNA binding studies of oxygen bridged-copper(II) carboxylate", Iqbal M, Ali S, Tahir MN, Muhammad N, Shah NA, Sohail M, et al., Journal of Molecular Structure, 2015 (1093) 135-43.
62"Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes Using Injection-Vertical Chemical Vapor Deposition: Effects of Synthesis Parameters on the Nitrogen Content", Hachimi A, Merzougui B, Hakeem A, Laoui T, Swain GM, Chang Q, et al., Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015 (2015) 1-9.
61"Photo-catalytic deactivation of sulfate reducing bacteria – a comparative study with different catalysts and the preeminence of Pd-loaded WO3nanoparticles", Gondal MA, Dastageer MA, Khalil AB, Rashid SG, Baig U, RSC Adv, 2015 (5) 51399-406.
60"Synthesis, characterization and visible light photocatalytic activity of Cr3+, Ce3+and N co-doped TiO2for the degradation of humic acid", Rashid SG, Gondal MA, Hameed A, Aslam M, Dastageer MA, Yamani ZH, et al., RSC Adv, 2015 (5) 32323-32.
59"Hydroisomerization of sustainable feedstock in biomass-to-fuel conversion: a critical review", Galadima A, Muraza O, International Journal of Energy Research, 2015 (39) 741-59.
58"Zeolite catalysts in upgrading of bioethanol to fuels range hydrocarbons: A review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2015 (31) 1-14.
57"Role of zeolite catalysts for benzene removal from gasoline via alkylation: A review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2015 (213) 169-80.
56"Waste to liquid fuels: potency, progress and challenges", Galadima A, Muraza O, International Journal of Energy Research, 2015 (39) 1451-78.
55"From synthesis gas production to methanol synthesis and potential upgrade to gasoline range hydrocarbons: A review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 2015 (25) 303-16.
54"Catalytic Upgrading of Bioethanol to Fuel Grade Biobutanol: A Review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2015 (54) 7181-94.
53"In situ fast pyrolysis of biomass with zeolite catalysts for bioaromatics/gasoline production: A review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Energy Conversion and Management, 2015 (105) 338-54.
52"Recent Developments on Silicoaluminates and Silicoaluminophosphates in the Methanol-to-Propylene Reaction: A Mini Review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2015 (54) 4891-905.
51"Catalytic upgrading of vegetable oils into jet fuels range hydrocarbons using heterogeneous catalysts: A review", Galadima A, Muraza O, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2015 (29) 12-23.
50"Enhanced oxidative desulfurization in a film-shear reactor", Fox BR, Brinich BL, Male JL, Hubbard RL, Siddiqui MN, Saleh TA, et al., Fuel, 2015 (156) 142-7.
49"Synthesis, crystal structure, theoretical calculations, and electrochemical and biological studies of polymeric (N,N,N′,N′-tetramethylethylenediamine)bis(thiocyanato-κN)copper(II), [Cu(tmeda)(NCS)2]n", Espinosa A, Sohail M, Habib M, Naveed K, Saleem M, Rehman H-u, et al., Polyhedron, 2015 (90) 252-7.
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