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 Running Projects


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1Development Of high-temperature membranes for hydrogen separation from a reactive environmentDr. Zain YamaniSaudi Aramco
2Nano-structured zeolite catalysts for unconventional oil upgrading technologyDr. Oki Muraza MulukSaudi Aramco
3Multi-electrodes and interdigitated array sensor for corrosion monitoring on surface and downhole applicationsDr. Abuzar KhanSaudi Aramco
4Development of an online sulfur detector for gas pipelinesDr. Zain YamaniSaudi Aramco
5Development of zeolite-supported nanostructured metal oxides for conversion of liquid hydrocarbons into olefinsDr. Mohammad Mozahar HossainSaudi Aramco
​Development of electrochemical su​lfide ion sensor with nanomaterial-functionalized electrodes
Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz
Synthesis and characterization of Pithophora polymorpha derived carbon for supercapacitor applicationsDr. Md. Abdul AzizCENT
​Development of a composite coating utilizing indigenous industrial waste m aterials for application on steel and concrete
Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz
Development of high-performance overall water splitting using 2D black phosphorus-based heterostructure Dr. Drmosh DrmoshDSR 
Electrochemically active hybrid polymers-nanoparticles for water oxidation CatalysisDr. Abdulrahman Faisal Al-BetarDSR 
Large scale synthesis of zeolite using microwave reactorDr. Oki Muraza Muluk
Pores within Pores: confining Metal-organic framework (HKUST-1) within synthetic nanochannels of a polymeric material Dr. Muhammad UsmanMOE-RDO
​Nanoporous 3D cathode for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
​Dr. Mohammad Qamar
Using fluorescent pyrene-functionalized sol-gel silica nanomaterials to construct highly selective, sensitive, and portable opto-chemical mercury sensorsDr. Safyan Khan KACST