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Prof. Zain Hassan Yamani, whose recent research focuses on the use of nanomaterials in improving the efficiency and selectivity of chemical reactions favoring petrochemical industries, obtained his thirteenth patent from the US Patent Office with his research team at King Fahad University Petroleum and Minerals in collaboration with colleagues from the French Atomic Energy Agency. In this work, Dr. Zain team used the laser to manufacture nanotubes catalysts to rid of unwanted sulfur compounds from oil. This refinement results in raising the quality of the oil barrel and related financial revenue in addition to protecting the environment from pollution.

In this research work, nanoparticle of unsupported molybdenum sulfide was invented by dissolving the molybdenum oxide solution and subjecting it to laser thermal transformation. This technique is one of the most important methods used in manufacturing nanomaterials with high accuracy and fewer impurities through the ability to control the size and nature of the reaction.

This invention is of great importance in the desulfurization processes of petroleum products to reduce the dangerous sulfur dioxide emissions from fuel combustion to the atmosphere. Professor Zain Hassan Yamani is Professor of Physics at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and Director of the Center for Research Excellence in Nanotechnology at the University ( Professor Yamani is Vice Chairman of the Saudi Society of Physical Sciences.

Link to patent information is below: