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P ress Release on SINC-4, 2016


The 4th Saudi International Nanotechnology Conference 2016 (SINC 2016)


Current Workshop: Nanomaterials Development for Petro-Catalytic Applications


This year's (2016) conference started with warm welcome and registration of all the participants, organizers, keynote speakers and organizing and scientific committees. The opening and introductory remarks were given by Dr. Sahel N. Abduljauwad (VRAR KFUPM) and Dr. Abdullah I. Al Khudhiri (KACST), separately under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Khalid S. Al Sultan. After this the MOU was signed between KACST and KFUPM under the ceremony of "Agreement Signing Ceremony to Fund and Establishing a Centre of Excellence for Energy Efficiency at KFUPM".

Plenary session started under the Chair of Dr. Abdullah I. Al Khudhiri (from KACST) with invitation to Sir Prof. Fraser Stoddart of Northerwestern University and winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry-2016. He delivered the talk 'Design and Synthesis of Non-Equilibrium Systems" followed by questions from audiences. Second keynote speaker was Prof. Shuji Nakamura of University of California-USA (winner of Nobel Prize in Physics 2014) presented on a topic "The Invention of High Efficient Blue LEDs and Future Solid State Lightning". Similarly another key note speaker, Dr. Umar Yaghi has presented about new woven materials having application is CO2 capturing by developing or introducing specific functionalities in MOFs. The last keynote speaker in plenary session was Dr. Sharif El-safty who presented about "Nano-solution to drinking water problems and human risks arising from hazardous materials". They have developed nanocaptor-sponge like membranes having honeycomb sink with 10 nm of size comprising of magnetic cores of hybrid metal oxide nanotubes.

The rest of todays' conference was divided into three portions i.e. 1) nanomaterials synthesis, 2) nanoelectronics and photonics and 3) Nanomaterials applications. In first section, Dr. Angel Sanjurjo (Standford Research Institute International, USA), talked about bright and transparent resonant nanopigments of TiN, ZrN, and HfN. His work focusses on the gas phase direct synthesis of Ti, Zr and Hf using halides and ammonia at high temperature. Second speaker for this session was Prof. Umar F. Muhammad (KAUST, KSA), had given talk about "Real time observations of carrier dynamics of nanoscale materials using Laser Spectroscopy and 4D electron microscopy." He explained how it is possible to probe the every dynamical events happening in femtoseconds and picoseconds domain.

After lunch and Dhuhr prayer, in second session, Prof. Atsufumi Hirohata (University of York, UK), presented talk on "Nano-spintronic devices" where he showed the synthesis of Co based Heusler alloys and investigated about crystallization process and found optimum growth mode for device fabrication. His student Dr. Tariq F. Alhuwaymel (KACST, KSA) have also presented about bandgap measurent using Heusley Alloy. While Prof. Boon Ooi ( KAUST, KSA) talked about InGaN/GaN nanowire light emitters on Nonconventional Substrates. He presented about his investigations on InGaN/GaN nanowires LED and edge-emitting lasers at green –to- infrared wavelength range on Silicon.

In the last session of today proceedings of conference was started after poster session and tea break. Here, Prof. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, ( Universiti Teknologi Malasia (UTM) Malasia), spoke  about "Nano-enabled Memberane Technology: The way forward for sustainable water treatment solution,". He explained about the development of Polymer membrane technology for water treatment and about membranes formed by using nano and polymer composites. In same session Dr. Salem A. Alfaify (King Khalid University, KSA), presented about probing of nitrogen content and its effect on structural and dielectric properties of nitrogen incorporated Ultrananocrystalline diamond thin film (UNCD). He tried to explain the role of nitrogen incorporation in UNCD films. In second last talk of todays' conference Dr. Ahmed G. El-Den (Beni-Suef University -Egypt) delivered his talk about "Asymmetric Spongy Nanohybrid Graphene fo r Brackish water desalination via Capacitive Deionization (CDI) technology. As CDI is based on electrosorption of salt ions betwee two oppositely charged porous electrodes, he synthesized spongy graphene based mesoporous frameworks using poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles in NaCl saturated solution which prevent sheets stacking.  At the end, Dr. Majed S. Nassar (KACST, KSA), explained about "UV radiation disinfection system (LED technology) for the Holy Mosques carpets and floors." He told that they have used UV radiation of range 225-300 nm to kill 100% of bacteria in 65 seconds. Further, this UV radiation source could also be integrated with vacuum cleaner.