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Press Release on CENT Workshop

Dated: 27th of  October, 2016


Workshop Title: Introduction to Nanomaterials Development for Petro-Catalytic Applications

The workshop started at exactly 9:00 am with the opening remark by Dr. Zain Yamani, CENT director, where he introduced the organizing team, Introduction to the workshop was done by Mr Sanhoob, where he presented the outline of the workshop and gave the schedule for the workshop. Dr Muhammed Qamar presented on the topic 'Introduction to Catalyst (Heterogeneous Reaction)'.  He highlighted the importance of catalyst in most industrial activities constituting over 85% of industrial process, stating that they are present everywhere from nature to man-made industrial activities. He mentioned the importance of catalyst in general as substances that reduce the energy barrier and activation energy of reactions, he also listed the types of catalyst as heterogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst. The second speaker, Mr Idris continued the presentation and gave more insight into the importance and activities of zeolite in reaction, he highlighted the occurrence, framework structure, level of acidity and channels system of zeolite and also mentioned the building units of zeolite from primary to secondary and composite building unit.

The participants were divided into two groups for the laboratory activities. Group A started the practical session with an introduction to the synthesis of Zeolite in the Chemical Synthesis Laboratory (Building #1, room #116B) where several equipment such as Microwave station and Autoclave Mini-reactor are available, they later moved to Imaging Laboratory (Building #15, room #3201), where they learnt about zeolite characterization by XRD, SEM from Dr. Qasem and characterizarion by FTIR and Pyridine-FTIR from Mr. Sanhoob, they concluded the laboratory session in Application Laboratory (Building #1, room #116A) where Mr Theguh taught them about the textural properties and sample testing of zeolite.  Group B started the practical session with Mr Theguh in the Application Laboratory (Building #1, room #116A) where they were taught the determination of textural properties by BET analyser and catalytic evaluation in a fixed bed reactor, they were later taught the synthesis of zeolite in (Building #1, room #116B) by Mr Annas and zeolite characterisation in Imaging Laboratory (Building #15, room #3201) by Dr Qasem.

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