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A publication titled "Conversion of Dimethyl Ether to Olefins over Nanosized Mordenite Fabricated by a Combined High-Energy Ball Milling with Recrystallization" authored by Mr. Teguh Kurniawanm, Dr. Oki Muraza, Dr. bbas S. Hakeem and Dr. Al-Amer of CENT has been selected as a highlight on the cover of the most recent issue of Industrial & Engineering Chemical Research.

The issue can be viewed here:


IECR is a historical ACS journal with 108 years excellent reputation.

In 1939, Ernest Thiele, one of the founding fathers of Chemical Engineering published his landmark paper on Thiele Modulus, a dimensionless number in Reaction Engineering and Catalysis (Thiele, E.W. Relation between catalytic activity and size of particle. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 31 (1939), pp. 916–920) in the same journal.