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CENT affiliated student Mr. Akram Abdalla Mohammed Ibrahim of Chemistry Department successfully presented his MS Thesis on 26th of April, 2016.  His thesis details are given below:

Title: Synthesis and Fabrication of Hetero-structured Metal Oxide Nano array and     their Characterization for Water Splitting Applications.

Advisor: Dr. Ahsan Ul-Haq Qurashi


In this work we report hybrid synthesis of hetero-structured metal oxide nanoarray namely WO3/BiVO4 on desirable substrates for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting under visible light. Hetero-nanostructured array was synthesized and fabricated by hybrid two-steps, physical approach and hydrothermal methods.

WO3/BiVO4 hybrid metal oxide nanoflakes was synthesized and fabricated on (ITO) substrate from strong acidic media (pH = ~1) aqueous solution containing WO3 and BiVO4 separately. XRD pattern showed the formation of polycrystalline WO3/BiVO4hetero-structured metal oxide. FESEM analysis revealed the growth of nanoflakes. UV – VIS analysis explored the possibility of visible light harvesting by WO3/BiVO4 thin film. CA and LSVP were investigated for WO3/BiVO4 photo-anode and illustrated the stability of thin film versus photo-corrosion and enhancing in photo-response with increasing annealing temperature. The peak value was 0.109mA/cm2 for WO3/BiVO4 thin film.