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The Center of Research Excellence in Nanotechnology in collaboration with the department of chemical engineering organized a joint seminar on "Application of advanced modelling tools in the petrochemical industry-CFD as an example" presented by Dr. Ramsey Bunama, a Chief scientist and senior manager at SABIC on Wednesday, 2nd of March, 2016.

The event was graced by CENT personnel, faculties, and students from the department of chemical engineering. The speaker started his presentation with an introduction to SABIC, he highlighted SABIC research focus and SABIC research centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, India and USA. He further emphasized on the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as an acceptable tool in process engineering, analysis and design in accessing different operating scenarios, root cause failure analysis, chemical reactor scale up and evaluation of new equipment design.

He further highlighted various project where CFD modelling and analysis have been of utmost benefits and importance in the process industries. The projects includes the modelling of accidental 1-2 dichloroethane vapor release in Jubail where CFD modelling was successfully used to determine the root cause of the accident, the analysis of sea water supply laterals where CFD prediction confirms with actual plant observation of higher drop in water level after the supply laterals are modified and released, the CFD analysis prediction of the drop in water level prevented the pump shutdown and increased productivity. Another case was the analysis of mega methanol plant authothermal reformer in 2008 where the plant was shut down after 3 months of services due to pressure drop leading to a huge capital lost, CFD modelling of the plant was able to detect the root cause of the failure and proper redesigning of the combustion chamber was done. Dr Ramsey also highlighted some technology development for the petrochemical industries which includes the dehydrogenation reactor catalyst bed, LAO pilot plant new mixer design, SPVC reactor mixing optimization and design and REVAMP of fluidized bed.

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Joint Seminar: CENT In Collaboration With The Chemical Engineering Department Organized A Joint Seminar On "Application of advan

Joint Seminar: CENT In Collaboration With The Chemical Engineering Department Organized A Joint Seminar On "Application of advan