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Title: Development of Quantum Dots Based Nano-agents For Residual Oil Sensing

Date:           9th Dec 2015

Venue:        Bld 14 room 108




Semiconductors with a size less than 10 nm are called quantum dots. They exhibit good stability in most organic solvents, and unique photonic properties with high emission coefficients, making them very useful for a wide range of applications. The same materials emit light in the visible region with different colorations, based on their size distribution.

In this work, the development of functionalized smart nano-agent core-shell quantum dots systems for reservoir oil sensing was carried out. The research was limited to silicon nanoparticles and zinc oxide, as well as cadmium selenide quantum dots. Their encapsulation in a silica shell increased their stability under different environmental conditions. The size of the silica-based luminescent nano-agents was controlled to between 30-250 nm. Moreover, their oil sniffing capability and stability was demonstrated at various reservoir conditions, such as variable temperature and salinity. The surface modification and functionalization of these agents with different functional groups, such as amine, improved the nano-agents' selectivity and stability after changing their hydrophilic-hydrophobic surface characters. Fluorescence efficiency and its stability under different conditions was investigated for the newly-developed materials. This work is opening new research in the field of oil sensing and exploration, which in the future could be less costly and more efficient.

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