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The 9th Advisory Board Meeting of the Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals was concluded on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015. The meeting which lasted for three days was attended by Council members who are specialists in the field of nanotechnology in the industry and academia from within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The meeting had several events among which are general meetings, student session, presentations by CENT research scientist and engineers, laboratory tour and dinner.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr Nayfeh, welcomed all board members and expressed his best wishes to them. After the welcome address, the Director of CENT, Dr. Zain bin Hassan Yamani informed them of the work done by the center over the past year based on the observations and directions of the Advisory Board at its previous meetings, he also presented the results of research projects carried out at the Center by a group of scientists and researchers during which there were many interventions by members of the Council.

At the student sessions which was held in building 15, room 5035, a total of eight graduate students delivered a presentation on their present research works, each of their presentations was followed by an in depth discussion on ways to improve and make their research better.

The research scientist session was graced by presentations from CENT research scientists: Dr. Mohammad Qamar, Dr. Abbas Hakeem, Dr. Safyan khan, Dr. Aasif Hilal, Dr. Isam Jundi, Dr. Nasiruzzaman, Dr. Oki Muraza, and Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz. They presented their work on various topics ranging from catalyst, sensor to hard metals and their general contribution to Research. Their presentation also includes explanations on the status and plans of implementing the newly mobilized NSTIP projects.

On the last day, members of the Council visited various CENT laboratories and advised CENT members on research management, research excellence and how to secure industrial funding for research. The ABM members also made some applicable and useful recommendations for the Center

The Advisory Board members of the Centre includes:

1. Prof. Munir Nayfeh [Chairman], University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA.
2. Prof. M. Ishaque Khan [Member], Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.
3. Professor Sheikh Akbar [Member], Ohio State University, USA
4. Dr. Khaled Al-Biyari [Member], CEO, STC, Saudi Arabia.
5. Mr. Jamal Khalid Al-Dabal [Member], Chairman, Daaminno for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support, Saudi Arabia.
6. Professor Johannes W. Schwank [Member], University of Michigan, USA.
7.  Dr. Zain Yamani [Member], Director CENT, Saudi Arabia.

Some pictures of the event are below:

December 22nd 2015 CENT B Meeting (4).jpg 

December 22nd 2015 CENT B Meeting (6).jpg 

December 22nd 2015 CENT B Meeting (1).jpg