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Joint Seminar of Physics Department & CENT,
Title: Materials Nanostructuring Using Ion Beam Technology
Date: 27 March, 2011
Location: Building 6, Room 125
Materials Nanostructuring Using Ion Beam Tech.
Ion beams are used extensively in etching (erosion), implantation or modifications of solid surfaces. Swift heavy ions ( MeV – GeV kinetic energy) has become an important tool for structural modifications of various materials at the microscale and nanoscale for a wide range of applications in the last two decades. One major limitation of using high-energy ions is the damage creation in deep layers which in some applications should be avoided. The desire to confine the modifications to the first surface layers has stimulated the interest for the use of slow highly charged ions (HCI) as a new nanotechnological tool. Upon interaction with solid surfaces HCI deposit their potential energy within a very short time (typically few fs) within a nanometer size volume close to the surface. It is therefore not astonishing that modifications with nanometer dimensions have been demonstrated for the impact of individual slow highly charged ions on various surfaces (e.g. LiF, CaF2, Si, HOPG, Au). The creation of surface nanostructures is usually only found above a clear and well-defined threshold in potential energy, which can be attributed to a phase change. For possible applications in nanofabrication we currently attempt to create and control the modifications on solid surfaces and thin films with well-defined size in the nanometer region by a variation of the HCI´s potential energy.