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CENT is really progressing on its fabulous Student Mentorship program. The program is so effective that the number of students attending is increasing day by day. Below is the list of the SMP students and their contacts.
No.NameDept.Mobile No.E-mailEnrollment DateDuty Days
1Khalid Al-Hamid     
2Hassan BuhairiPhysics0532367576Hyb9@hotmail.com4/02/2015Wednesday
3Abdul-Aziz Al-MutlaqPhysics0565072828a.mu6lag@hotmail.com11/02/2015Wednesday
4Mohammed   08/02/2015Monday
7Mohamed Al-MutawaCHE0565639333jaboooh@gmail.com15/02/2015Monday
8Abdul-Aziz Al-shummari     
9Jubran Al-awadiCHE0552898979Jubran111@yahoo.com15/02/2015Monday