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CENT team would like to congratulate Mr. Shahid Ali on his successful completion of Ph.D. degree. We wish him best of luck for future endeavors.


Ph.D. Dissertation  Title:

"Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Super-Paramagnetic Nanomaterials as Imaging Agents for Crude Oil-Bearing Formation"



Information acquisition and analysis of oil reservoirs are the most challenging and scientifically demanding areas in the oil exploration industry. This research work has successfully demonstrated the potential of functionalized superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) as contrast agents for oil reservoir applications. In this seminar, Mr. Shahid presented the synthesis, characterization, and utility of functionalized SPIONs for two important issues faced by the petroleum industry: (i) overlapping of NMR signals produced from oil & water, (ii) imaging of fluid present within the reservoir rocks. For this purpose, relaxivity properties and NMR T2-distribution measurements were performed for oil/water signal separation. The fluid phase (i.e., brine and oil) present within the rock cores was successfully identified by utilizing SPIONs as contrast agent via computed tomography (CT). The research work was carried out at lab scale using the sample packs (i.e., carbonate, sand packs) and reservoir cores that mimic the actual oil reservoir conditions. It will help to map the physiochemical properties and dynamics of the reservoir as well as will create the potential to develop next-generation technologies for oil reservoir applications.