Email Policies

ITC Mailbox Maintenance Policy:
KFUPM email account offers SMTP, POP, IMAP, and Webmail access. Individual emails including attachments can be up to 5 MB in size. And KFUPM mail server can store your mailbox up to a maximum quota of 500 MB size. If your email quota is exceeded you are notified via automated email alerts. And in extreme cases when its size exceeds to the extent that it affects the server performance for all users, your mails will be automatically purged and the oldest mails will be deleted. Kindly note that the mailbox size is limited to 500 MB for faculty and staff and 300 MB for students.
Password Maintenance Policy:
In an effort to provide secured and reliable computing environment to all the members of the KFUPM Community, and based on the approval of H. E. The Rector on the recommendations of the Computer Utilization Committee, the ITC has developed an enhanced password maintenance policy for both the Internet and UNIX accounts. We kindly request all our community to adherence to the following policy statements:
      1. All users are advised to change their passwords for both the Internet and portal accounts
         once they login for the first time, and must change them every three months thereafter.
         Portal system will enforce the users to change the password in the due time. An earlier e-mail
         warning will be sent to users to remind them about the due date for the password change. 
      2.The new password has to fit in the following simple criteria:
            *  Password must have at least 8 characters and the new password must be different from
               your previous password.
            Password must consist of at least 2 Non-Alphabetic characters [Non-Alphabetic characters
               include: Numbers 0 to 9 and special characters such as !@#$%^&*()_+]. 

Email Broadcasting
Email has become a necessary part of our life. All KFUPM community members access regularly their email messages for their academic, research and other official needs. In an attempt to ensure that user email access is focused on prolific official work, ITC has implemented various SPAM (unsolicited emails) control and antivirus defenses. 
In addition we strongly recommend all KFUPM community members to abide by the following ITC policy for Email Broadcasting.  
      1.Only University Official announcements will be broadcast.. The Sender must ensure that the
         message content is correct before sending the broadcast request to ITC Postmaster
      2. Messages to be broadcasted should be brief and in TEXT or HTML format. If attachments are
          essential to be sent then they must be sent to the postmaster in rtf or pdf format only.
      3. Announcements of Program Events, Workshops, Symposiums, Etc. will be posted on the
          Web and link will be provided with a small message.
      4. According to the ITC policies, CONDOLENCE messages for ONLY next of kin (eg: father,
          mother, brother, sister, wife, son, or daughter) of KFUPM employees will be broadcasted to
          the KFUPM community. Such messages will be broadcasted only once.