Backup Policy

    • The Server administrator is responsible for requesting a proper backup configuration (Acronis Image, TSM OR Both) for all his servers from the ITC backup administrators.
    • The server administrator is responsible to notify the backup administrator of any errors on the client side.
    • The incremental system image backup will be taken only on the request of server Administrators [the server admin will be solely responsible to request for the incremental Acronis system image backup].
    • The server admin is responsible for requesting a latest backup before/after applying patches.
   • The server admin is solely responsible of bringing-up the services of the application after the backup restoration.
    • The Acronis system image has to be retained with the respective server admin, and if the size of the image file is large, the server admin has to arrange for the storage media (DVDs/External HDD).


    • The backup administrator is responsible only for the Initial Acronis system image backup of all the production servers. However an incremental backup is only done on the request of the server administrator.
    • The backup administrator would be responsible for making sure that the scheduled TSM data backups are being taken without backup application errors from the server side or backup hardware failures.
    • The Acronis system image of the server will be handed over to the respective server admin and has to be retained by the respective server admin.
    • The Backup administrator is not responsible of any scheduled backup failure due to any hardware or application problem at the client node.