Backup Process

ITC uses  Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for Data backup and ACRONIS for system image backup. These solutions are server based and only the client software is installed on the client node. After a request is received from an administrator, the Backup Administrator will install the client of the backup application on the remote machine, however the server admin is responsible for opting out of the backup solution provided at ITC. The Server admin may select based on his requirement, he may opt for both the solutions as well.
• TSM Client:
After the TSM client is installed by the Backup administrator at ITC, the backup will be scheduled depending on the criticality of the data and the service running on the particular server. It is the responsibility of the Server admin to inform the Backup admin if there is any backup failure on the client side, whereas the backup admin will be responsible for the backup service running over the TSM server side.
• ACRONIS Agent:
This backup agent needs to be installed once, after which the Backup admin will have access to the remote machine from the Acronis Imaging server at ITC. The Full system image (only selected disk partitions) is taken initially, after which an incremental image can be taken any time depending on the request.