Email Quota

Q: How do I check my Exchange mailbox Quota?
Outlook Web Access
Most mailboxes have a maximum size limit. When your mailbox reaches its limit, you won’t be able to send new mail unit you delete some existing content in your mailbox. You may also be unable to receive new email, depending on the limits that have been set on your mailbox.
How do I find my mailbox limit?
1.Got to and log in using email user name and password.
2. In the Navigation Pane, click “Mail”
3. Point to your name at the top of the folder list.
A window appears that shows the current size of your mailbox and your mailbox limits.
Outlook 2010
1. Click on the File tab.
2. Click  info
3. Your quota usage info will appear in the "Mailbox Cleanup" section.
Outlook 2007
1. Go to the Tools menu >Mailbox cleanup
2. Click View Mailbox Size…
3. Click on Server Data to find out your quota usage on the email server.
Q: How do I manage my email quota?
1. Move email attachments you’ve received to your local machine from the email server. Attachments can be large and take up space.
2. Go through your messages stored on the mail server regularly and delete those you no longer need. An automatic centralized archival system is configured and archival of email is doing on daily basis. It can be accessed by the following link .
3. If you have stored messages that you access infrequently, move them to your local machine and delete them from email server.
4. If you setup a mailbox to store copies of messages you’ve sent, be sure to go through it regularly to delete ones you don’t need, or move them to your local machine.
5. If you have a “Deleted Items” or “Junk” folder on the server, make sure it’s emptied regularly.