Blackboard is a course management System (Virtual Learning Environment ) through which an instructor may post his course syllabus, class materials and announcements . Moreover, Blackboard allows professors to post grades, information, quizzes and assignments then students can also submit their assignments through Blackboard . It can also hold discussions and emails inside each course to facilitate interacting between instructors and their students or between students.
 Blackboard can be accessed by computers both on and off campus 
Blackboard 9.1
Blackboard CE
What are the advantages of using Blackboard?
- Provide course materials that include text, complex equations, images, video, and audio.
- Evaluate students with quizzes and assignments.
- Communicate with students via discussions, electronic mail, real-time chat sessions, and an interactive whiteboard.
- Facilitate learning using a searchable index, glossary, and image database for each course.
- Encourage student interaction by enabling the creation of student homepages and online presentations.
- Share course content with other designers and institutions.
- Record, maintain, and communicate grades.
- Enable student self-evaluations through self tests and progress tracking.
- Obtain data that allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your course.