1. What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)? 

VPN (Virtual Private Network)  is a service that provides password-protected access to KFUPM's network and Internet services when you are connecting from off-campus. You can access to KFUPM VPN page through the following link : https://vpn.kfupm.edu.sa​ 


2. How to setup Security Code for VPN? 

To setup security code on your mobile, login to password self-service system; and click on ‘Setup Mobile App Authentication’. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the self-service password system based on your device type. 







3. Will VPN work from within the KFUPM Campus?  

No, VPN will not work when connected to the KFUPM network, you need to be connected to an external network like STC, Mobily, Zain etc. 


4. Can I connect to machines other than my office PC? 

No, you are only authorized to access your office PC through VPN. If you want access other PCs, get access from your office PC and have remote desktop from there.


5. What username and password do I use? 

When prompted to enter a username and password, you will need to enter your KFUPM internet username and password.


6. Does VPN offer virus protection? 

No, VPN provides security by encrypting and decrypting data that passes through a VPN connection; it does not offer protection from viruses.


7. If you lose your mobile what to do with your security code? 

If you lose your mobile, you should immediately login to password self-service system and cancel your current security code registration using “Re-Enroll mobile device” option.





8. How to verify that your security code is configured and working properly?

Login to password self-service system and perform following checks.

Check 1.

 You should see “Re-Enroll mobile device” option in Setup Mobile App Authentication block as follows



Check 2.

Verify Security code using the "Check Code" option. You should see green tick mark on successful verification. Otherwise, you have to adjust your Date & Time settings to "Automatic" mode.





9. Check code verification is not working and in progress circle keeps moving.



This happens normally due to the session timeout, if password.kfupm.edu.sa page is kept open for long time. To solve this problem. Close your browser and open new browser in incognito mode and try logging in to password.kfupm.edu.sa? from there.

If the issue persists. Open a ticket on edesk.kfupm.edu.sa? or Contact ICTC help desk at 860-3111.


10. How to access your office machine off-campus?

You can access your office machine through the VPN Portal as follows.

Login to KFUPM VPN Portal.

Enter your security code from mobile application. (Your mobile must be registered. If it is not registered earlier follow How to register?)

Once you are logged on to KFUPM VPN Portal.

Under network section, you will find “IP Address” (You will need to specify your machine IP address manually, if your machine is not joined to domain).


A one-time RDP sess?ion file will be downloaded. The name would be launchxxxxx.rdp, where xxxx is random code.

Execute the downloaded file in previous step and click connect.



For every session, you are required to download new RDP session file in Step-5.

Access to office PC is not available for students.


11. How to Connect to a Linux Machine Remotly Through RDP ?

Please download the PDF file that shows the steps and instructions on how to connect to a Linux machine remotly through remote desktop protocol (click here​)




12. I am getting error message Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer “X.X.X.X” for one of these reasons: 

Workaround for this problem is to close existing windows and download fresh RDP session file.It happens when you try to use old RDP session file or open KFUPM VPN page in new tab when there is already an existing session forcing the old session to terminate. So, it will fail to connect as session doesn't exists anymore.

13. I am getting error message To use this program or computer, first log on to the following website

Your machine is missing patches and not updated. Update your machine.