About Second Strategic Plan (SSP)

KFUPM has gone through its first strategic plan that had a time frame 2006-2011. The plan had many successes, initiatives and accomplishments, and some shortcomings. However, the potential of our University and our ambitions for it are far much greater. We are blessed with quality people at KFUPM; faculty, staff, and students, with whom we can reach better and higher grounds.
As we have instituted strategic planning in our way of doing business, we will insha'Allah develop our 2nd Strategic Plan. It will have longer time horizon; a 10 year strategic plan (2011-2020). Building on our successes from the first plan and learning from the shortcomings, we will go beyond. We will count on the potential of our faculty, staff, and students whose quality, commitment, and ambition are inspiring.
It gives me a great pleasure to announce the official launch of the development of the 2nd Strategic Plan today January 1, 2011. The Strategic Plan Executive Committee, Steering Committee, Technical Support Committee, and Project Management Office team have already been formed and preliminary work has already started. Also, the Strategy Development Framework has been developed. Great deal of work from all of us at KFUPM is expected in the next few months.
The 2nd Strategic Plan development will require significant involvement of colleges and units of the University. The various teams and committees will require information, views, perspectives, and opinions through workshops, surveys, focus group meetings, discussion forums, functional teams, …etc. It is extremely important and necessary that our faculty, staff, and students participate and cooperate in these efforts.
With your usual commitment, dedication, knowledge, and experience, I am confident that we will, not only develop a viable and challenging strategy, but also implement it in a systematic and sustainable manner.
Dr. Khalid S. Al-Sultan
Rector, KFUPM