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The College has four departments; the Islamic and Arabic Studies Department, The General Studies Department, the English Language Department and the Physical Education Department. The Departments offer courses that are core requirements for all KFUPM students.
Islamic & Arabic Studies Department

The Islamic and Arabic Studies Department offers service courses in Islamic Ideology, professional ethics and human rights in Islam, objective writing and communication skills, Arab and Islamic History and Arabic Literature in support of the degree programs in the other departments but not as an independent major.
General Studies Department

The Department of General Studies offers service courses in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, and Library & Research Methods in support of the degree programs in the other departments but not as an independent.
Physical Education Department

The main objective of the physical education department is to inspire the students to have meaningful achievements in health & physical education through physical activity that impact the health and quality of life in all levels.

The Physical Education (PE) Department is in charge of all PE courses offered by KFUPM. The department also oversees the management and operation of the sport and recreation facilities at KFUPM.
English Language Department

The English Language Department (ELD) offers three courses designed to enhance students spoken and written communication skills in English in order to prepare them for future academic and professional life.

ENGL 101        Introduction to Academic Discourse

ENGL 102        Introduction to Report Writing          

ENGL 214        Academic and Professional Communication