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 About Us

The College of Computing and Mathematics (CCM) and its programs provide the country with an entry point to one of the most recent, most challenging and most promising technologies of our age. The main objectives of the college are:
  • To provide the skilled manpower needed for the fulfillment of the country's development plans. In particular: Information & Computer Scientists, Computer Engineers, and Systems Engineers.
  • To provide a link through which computer technologies and their applications could be transferred to the country.
  • To provide the country, through research and graduate studies, with skills, ideas, and innovations in certain areas of advanced technologies.

The programs of the college were designed with the following considerations in mind:
  • To match the thrust and trends in computer technology.
  • To provide skills that match the market needs for manpower.
  • To follow standard curricula in the field whenever possible.
  • To provide adequate depth in the student's major field.
  • To provide adequate breadth via technical and major electives.