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The college of Computer Sciences & Engineering includes the following departments:

This department offers a program in computer engineering. It grants B.S​. and M.S.degrees in computer engineering. The department also grants a joint Ph.D.​​ degree with the ICS department in Computer Science and Engineering.​

This department offers two programs; one in computer science leading to a B.S. degree in Computer Science, and the other in software engineering leading to a B.S. degree in software engineering. The department also grants a M.S. degree in Computer Science​, and the other in M.S. degree in Information Assurance & Security and a joint Ph.D. degree with the Computer Engineering Department, in Computer Science and Engineering.

The education programs at the department includes two B.S.​ programs (B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and a B.S. in Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering), six master degree programs ( M.S. in IE, Maintenance, Supply chain management, and control engineering), and two Ph.D.​ programs (one in IE and the other in Control Engineering).The offered programs meet international standards in terms of level and contents.​