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 Email Aliases

College Aliases

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Whole CCSE

COE Department​

​To emailUse email alias
All COE FacultyCOE.Faculty
All COE Staff COE.Staff
All COE Undergraduate StudentsCOE.Ug
All COE Research AssistantsCOE.Research.Assistants
All COE Graduate AssistantsCOE.Graduate.Assistants
All CSE PhD StudentsCOE.PHD.Students
All COE Graduate StudentsCOE.Graduate.Students
COE ChairmanC-COE

ICS Department

To emailUse email alias
All ICS FacultyICS.Faculty
All ICS Staff ICS.Staff
All ICS Undergraduate StudentsICS.Ugrads
​All CS Undergraduate Students
All SWE Undergraduate StudentsICS.SWE.Ugrads
All ICS Research AssistantsICS.Research.Assistants
All ICS Graduate AssistantsICS.Graduate.Assistants
All CSE PhD StudentsICS.PHD.Students
All ICS Graduate StudentsICS.Graduate.Students
ICS ChairmanC-ICS

​SE Department

To emailUse email alias
All SE FacultySE.Faculty
All SE Staff SE.Staff
All SE Undergraduate StudentsSE.Ugrads
All CISE Undergraduate Students​SE.CISE.Ugrads
All ISE Undergraduate Students​SE.ISE.Ugrads
All SE Research AssistantsSE.Research.Assistants
All SE Graduate AssistantsSE.Graduate.Assistants
All SE PhD StudentsSE.PHD.Students
All SE Graduate StudentsSE.Graduate.Students
SE ChairmanC-SE