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Printing In CCM Network 

Pre-requisite: Register your ID card
Visit Bldg. 22, Room 333-1, to register your ID card, to avail the facility of printing through SmartPrinter.

Step 1: Connect to print server CCSE-PRINTER. 
Click OK.



Step 3: The printer (smartPrinter) available on CCSE-PRINTER will be displayed. Select the printer and double click it (or right click on the smartPrinter and click connect).



​​Step 4: Wait for the printer queue window to open. Now select the installed printer (smartPrinter) from the application you would like to print from and give the print job.

Step 5: After giving the print job, carry your KFUPM ID Card with you and proceed to any of the smart printers listed below and place the ID card on the FollowMe card reader installed on the printer to execute the print job given by you.
  1. HP Smart Printer in COE Dept.
  2. HP Smart Printer in ICS Dept.
  3. HP Smart Printer in SE Dept.
  4. HP Smart Printer in General Purpose Lab (Room 339).
  5. HP Smart Printer in General Purpose Lab (Room 343).