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 SSH From Internet

SSH from the Internet

Users can access either CCSE Unix Home Directory (or CCSE Unix Account) from anywhere in the World through the Internet, by establishing a connection with the following machines.


For this, first you need to connect to your PC through VPN. Click on the below given link and follow the instructions given.

​Then, you need a SSH client on your host machine. PUTTY is a good SSH client, which can be downloaded from . 

When you start PUTTY, you get the following screen:


Type as the hostname, as shown in the above screen and select SSH as the protocol. Click on the button "Open" for connecting to the remote1 server. Once you are connected, you will get the terminal screen, as shown in the below picture.


Enter your CCSE Unix User ID and password to establish a session. You will now get a command prompt, as shown in the below picture.


This session is same as any Terminal session that you run locally on CCSE Network. You can manipulate files and directories in your Unix Home Directory. 

Note: You can only do SSH to the above given two servers, if you have direct connection to the Internet (and not behind a Web Proxy, which only allows connections on port 80). If you are behind a firewall, port 22 must be open on the firewall for outgoing connections. In case you are having problems connecting to the SSH server, you have to contact your Internet Service Provide.