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 SSH / Telnet

SSH to CCSE Unix Machines
You can run command line sessions on CCSE Unix (Solaris and Linux) machines remotely using SSH. You will get the similar home directory on all these machines and similar programs.
How to do SSH?
For running SSH session on any Unix machine, you need to have SSH client on your PC. The most popular SSH client is PUTTY. You can download it from the below given link. 

Once you have PUTTY on your desktop, launch it by double-clicking on it. You will get the following screen:
Enter the Unix machine's name in the Host Name field (for example, and select SSH as the Protocol in the above screen. Now click on Open button. You will get the following window:
Enter your CCSE Unix username and password to login to the Unix machine. If you login successfully, you will get the command prompt as shown in the picture below.