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College of Computer Sciences and Enginnering

Information and Computer Science Department


Presents a Seminar

Shamoon 2 Malware Analysis


Date: Wednesday February 8th

Time: 2pm

Room: 20-103



Dr. Sami Zhioua

Assistant Professor



A new wave of cyberattacks is hitting the middle east, in particular, Saudi Arabia. The attacks are mainly carried out by a modified version of the infamous Shamoon malware, called Shamoon 2. Similarities between Shamoon and Shamoon 2 are striking.


In this talk, we present a technical analysis of Shamoon 2 malware, in particular, how it propagates and how it harms infected stations and we discuss recommendations and best practices to stay and keep others safe from similar attacks.

Cyber Security Research Group

All faculty, researchers and students are invited to attend.


08 Feb 2017


02:00 PM to 03:00 PM