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ICS/COE/SWE 599/699 Seminar


Polyglot Persistence Architecture

Presented by

Mr. Khaled Ahmed Althelaya


19th April, Wednesday

Room 22-119, 3:30 pm



Information systems vary in nature, scope, problem addressed, data representation, and architecture. They, therefore, require different data stores based on the applications need, the problem addressed and data types. Examples of these data store mechanisms are NoSQL data stores, which are used to store and retrieve large amount of distributed data. Some systems have a variety of data shapes and structure that require not only one but many models of data stores at the same type. Polyglot persistence is commonly used to define this hybrid approach. Increasingly, developers resolve the data storage problem by addressing how the data should be manipulated, and then choosing the appropriate data store that best fits their needs. There are some polyglot persistence solutions suggested by many researchers and business organizations. In this seminar, I will try to compare these solutions and identify their capabilities. A brief description is provided regarding the NoSQL database types. Finally, we identify some limitation of these solutions.


19 Apr 2017


03:00 PM to 04:00 PM