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ICS/COE/SWE 699 Seminar


Taxonomy and Practical Evaluation of Primality Testing Algorithms using Java and Python programming Languages 


Mr. Abuhassan


Wednesday, May 03, at 3:30 PM

Building 22, Room 119



Modern Cryptography algorithms are vastly used to ensure information security. Prime numbers are the soul of asymmetric cryptography algorithms. E.g., RSA algorithm depends mainly on selecting two very huge prime numbers and then multiplying them to get a large composite number, which is very difficult to factorize. Producing prime number is not an easy task as they do not distribute regularly through integers. Primality testing algorithms are used to determine whether a particular number is prime or composite. Several primality testing algorithms conducted. Moreover, a practical evaluation is done. The results, from the perspective view of the algorithms idea, show that no single algorithm is the best for all the cases. On the other hand, the results, from the perspective view of programming languages, show that Python always outperforms Java.



Mr. Abuhassan has graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer System Engineering from Palestine Polytechnic University in early 2011. He graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) with a master degree in Software Engineering. He has two published Journal paper and one Patent.


"A Metrics Suite for UML Model Stability" [Software & Systems Modeling Journal]

"The Integration of Dynamic Lane Grouping Technique and Signal Timing Optimization for Improving the Mobility of Isolated Intersections" [Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering].

He has also worked at Exalt Technologies, Palestine for two years before attending KFUPM, as web developer.


03 May 2017


03:00 PM to 04:00 PM