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College of Computer Science and Engineering


Information & Computer Science Department

Presents Public Seminar


Quality and Utility for Video Surveillance Applications



Date: Monday, 22 April, 2019

Time:  10:30 am

Location: Building 22, Room 127



Dr. Chaker Larabi

University of Poitiers, France



Video surveillance or video protection (in France) is being a very important topic because of the so many events happening everywhere around the world. Even when cities have very efficient surveillance networks, many problems may raise and alter this efficiency as the natural phenomena: fog, spider web, dust, … in addition to the problem of data processing for either online or offline scenarios. One of the major issues of video surveillance is related to image quality and utility. This talk will describe the work performed within 3 different projects related to video surveillance. In the first project, in collaboration with the French ministry of the interior, the aim was the extraction of the best proof image to be presented in a court. Including quality assessment, tracking and super-resolution. The second project, in collaboration with the British Home Office, on face recognition and sterile zone scenarios. Finally, the third and ongoing project addresses the negative filtering intended to perform urgent tasks in case of an attack. The aim being to help keeping only sequences or part of sequences having very good characteristics in terms of quality and utility/usefulness. For this last project the compressed domain is targeted.  

Speaker Bio:

Chaker Larabi received his PhD from the University of Poitiers in 2002. He is currently Associate Professor at the same university. His actual scientific interests deal with quality of experience and, bio-inspired processing/coding/optimization of images and videos, 2D, 3D, HDR and 360/VR. He is deputy scientific director of the GdR-ISIS (French research group on signal and image processing). He is a member MPEG and JPEG committees. He served as the chair of the JPEG Advanced Image Coding (AIC) and the Test & Quality subgroup. He acted as the French head of delegation (HoD) for several years. Chaker Larabi played several roles in different conferences. He was TPC of EUVIP 2011/2018, Plenary Chair for EUVIP 2013, Chair of the EI Image Quality and System Performance (2014, 2015 and 2016), Short courses co-Chair of EI 2016 – 2018, Technical co-Chair of EUVIP 2018. He was special sessions co-chair for ICIP 2016 and Publicity chair for ICIP 2017. He serves as Area Chair for ICIP and ICASSP. He is regular reviewer for many international conferences and journals. He is associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCI), Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication (SPIC), Springer journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing (SIVP), the SPIE/IS&T Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI) and IEEE Access. He is senior member of IEEE, member of EURASIP, CIE and IS&T. He has been elected to serve as member of the IEEE SPS IVMSP and IEEE SPS MMSP technical committees. He participated to several national and international projects. He supervised more than 18 PhDs and he published over 150 papers. He is currently head of the Electrical and Computing engineering department at the University Institute of Technology of Poitiers.



All faculty, researchers and graduate students are invited to attend.


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22 Apr 2019


10:30 AM to 12:00 PM