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College of Computer Science and Engineering


Information & Computer Science Department

Presents Public Seminar


Agent-Based Framework for Semantic Annotation and Personalization of Food, Health and Nutrition Information Retrieval



Date: Monday, 16 October, 2019

Time:  03:30 pm

Location: Building 22, Room 127



Dr Tarek Helmy




Due to exponential growth of the Web sources, there is a need to have a fast and automatic ontology-based semantic manipulation of Web sources content. This is important in many domains, but it is critical in some domains, such as health, food and nutrition. In such domains, users need to retrieve precise and relevant health, food and nutrition information that fit their needs from trusted sources. Searching for the right food to take is an example of such frequent queries on the Web where people do not find precise information easily to their quires (i.e. What is the food that contains calcium but has less sugar to fit with diabetes? Is apple good for a diabetic patient? Which food shall I avoid eating being a hypertension patient? What is the amount of minerals in one gram of Apple, etc.) Answering such kind of queries requires ontology-based semantic manipulation of food, health and nutrition related information to transform the implied knowledge about food, health and nutrition in the Web sources into structured data. It also requires some kind of mapping between different knowledge sources and integrating food, health and nutrition ontologies together. Moreover, it requires ontology-based semantic query manipulation and personalization techniques to help in retrieving more precise health and nutrition information consistent with the users’ need. In this seminar, we will present an agent-based framework consists of three types of agents: ontology management agents which maintain the food, health and nutrition domain ontologies; Web sources annotation agents which annotate the food, health and nutrition Web sources based on the domain ontologies; and query manipulation and personalization agents which semantically annotate the users’ queries for the reasoning process and personalize the retrieved results so that the users can make smarter inquires and receive precise information about food, health and nutrition. The empirical evaluations of the proposed framework show.


Speaker Bio:

Dr. Tarek Helmy is an Associate Professor at the Information and Computer Science Department, KFUPM. He received his PhD degree in intelligent systems from Kyushu University, Japan, in 2002. Dr. Helmy research interests include distributed systems, multi-agent systems, personalized Web services, Semantic web, and cooperative information systems. Dr. Helmy has worked as principal/co-investigator of many funded research projects and supervised several PhD and MS thesis at KFUPM. Dr. Helmy published more than 100 papers in major international journals and conferences in the fields of cooperative intelligent agents, personalized Web searching and distributed systems. Moreover, he edited two books in P2P computing and autonomous agent’s fields. He is acting as a reviewer of many computer sciences related journals, and on the program & organizing committees of various international conferences in the fields of artificial intelligence, multi-agents, intelligent and distributed systems.




All faculty, researchers and graduate students are invited to attend.


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16 Oct 2019


03:30 PM to 04:30 PM