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Dr. Adel Fadhl Ahmed
Dean, College of Computer Sciences and Engineering
I cordially welcome you to the College of Computer Sciences and Engineering home page. Our College was established in September 1986 and after a few years it become one of the best at the University and now it is recognized throughout the gulf and many parts of the world for its excellence in education and research. In addition to the undergraduate programs in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Systems Engineering, the college has a well-established graduate program leading to the Master of Science (MS) in all the departments, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science and Engineering, and Systems Engineering. 

The faculty of our college is engaged in a long-standing tradition of excellent teaching, innovative research, and valuable public service activities. A number of our faculty members have won different university awards like best teaching award, best research award, and best advisor award. Several faculty members have published their research papers in distinguished international journals and conferences. Some of them also published their books which are now used as a text-books not only in KFUPM but also in several US universities. 

The students of our college are top students of the university. College attracts many of the university's top students each year. Also it entices most promising graduate students from all over the world. The private sector, government, industry, and the international academic world have prodded the ultimate test of the College's achievement, as they hired its graduates. Our excellent tradition in education, research, and public service continues because of the dedication of our faculty, staff, and students and the strong support from KFUPM, Saudi government, and industry. Our relations with industry include research collaborations and contracts, internships for students and faculty through summer training, and the cooperative education program.