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 College Profile

​The College of Engineering and Physics consist of the following five departments: 

  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Physics

The departments offer BS, MS and PhD degrees in Engineering and Physics.
Classes are conducted by highly-qualified and motivated faculty in smart classrooms, which are networked and equipped with the latest computers and teaching equipment. Students are encouraged to work in groups whenever possible and are given projects especially in junior and senior level courses to foster creative thinking and team work. Many courses contain labs to expose the students to the experimental and practical aspects of presented materials in classrooms.
The departments have many modern facilities to carry out quality research in various areas. The research activities in each department are divided into main groups. Some of these groups are: Aerospace: aerodynamics, aerospace structures, flight dynamics & control and propulsion; Chemical: fluid and thermal, materials, polymers, process systems engineering, reaction engineering & catalysis, separation and thermodynamics and equilibria; Civil: structures & materials, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering and water resources & environmental engineering; Electrical: communication systems, control systems, digital systems, electromagnetics, electronics, energy systems and signal processing; Mechanical: thermo fluid sciences, dynamics & design and materials & manufacturing.