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Bioengineering Department

The Department of Life Sciences, in early 2021, was transformed into Department of Bioengineering at KFUPM to provide higher education, fundamental and applied research in the field of bioengineering and biotechnology. Bioengineering is a relatively new multidiscipline that combines biology with many aspects of engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, mechanical and computer engineering. The department is working on delivering a bachelor's program in Bioengineering for undergraduate students which is of interest to many relevant entities that will serve the Kingdom's strategic options..

Department Goals

  • Define and develop undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Bioengineering.
  • Establish scientific research and prepare researchers in fields related to bioengineering.
  • Encourage community service by raising awareness and providing training courses.

Areas of Specialization

Biology                               Biochemical engineering                                        Biomechanical engineering

Bioelectronics and medical devices engineering                                               Bioinformatics

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