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 Brief History

College of Chemicals and Materials 


KFUPM's College of Sciences Department dates from 1969, six years after the University was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was the foundation college in the University for freshmen students who belonged to different departments around KFUPM. In the year of 2021, the College of Sciences department, which primarily consisted of departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Life Sciences, was transformed into the College of Chemicals and Materials, with the introduction of new departments, namely Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering.

Strategic Goals

As part of the restructuring the College underwent in 2021, the following goals were defined as a guide to continue to move the College forward and provide an outstanding educational experience for our students:

G1.   Reinforce the quality of the College programs and enhance student success.

G2.   Recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff members.

G3.   Conduct innovative research in vital areas of basic and applied science.

G4.   Facilitate collaboration with the industry.

G5.   Improve public awareness and our engagement with professional communities.

These strategic goals have been formulated to reflect the new directions and aspirations of the College of Chemicals and Material. Our aim is to equip the next generation of engineers with technical and communication skills to handle the grand challenges at the national and global level.


Academic Departments
The College is committed to prepare the students with the knowledge and skills that fit the development of the Kingdom throughout the years. The preparation of the students for the future is incorporated in the programs provided from each of the following departments:

  • Chemistry Department
  • Chemical Engineering Department
  • Bioengineering Department (formerly known as Life Sciences)
  • Materials Science and Engineering Department (newly established)


Former Deans of The College of Sciences (1969-2021)

Dr. John Martin1969-1973
Dr. Marwan Kamal1973-1975
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Gwaiz1975-1977
Dr. Ali A. Al-Daffa1977-1984
Dr. Fahd A. Al-Hussein1984-1990
Dr. Mohammed Z. Al-Fair1990-1994
Dr. Abdulaziz S. Al Harthy1994-1998
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Suwaiyyan1998-2002
Dr. Mahmoud M. Nagadi2002-2005
Dr. Walid S. Al-Sabah2005-2010
Dr. Suliman S. Al-Homidan2010-2018
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Saadi2018-2021

Deans of The College of Chemicals and Materials

Dean                    Tenure
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Saadi            2021-Present