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Welcome to the College of Chemicals and Materials at KFUPM. The College encompasses four departments: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering. The departments attract some of the best and brightest people to study, with world class professors and researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The programs in the College are carefully designed to produce skillful and enthusiastic scientists and engineers who can respond thoughtfully to learning opportunities and effectively tackle the existing national and global challenges. We offer degree programs in the field of Sciences and Engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We also offer chemistry service courses for all students enrolled in other colleges of KFUPM. Our programs are designed to equip graduates to establish themselves in a huge range of careers including the energy sector, oil and chemical industries, and biotechnologies. The classes are designed to be small in size to facilitate an in-depth active and student-centered learning. Our learning methodology helps our students transform into well-informed, engaged and empowered individuals. Students are encouraged to develop an academic plan that entails studying abroad, internships in their fields of interest, independent research and other extracurricular experiences that complement their learning.

The College is at the point of a critical period of growth and improvement in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. One of the initiatives is the enrollment of female students in some undergraduate and graduate programs. Moreover, new undergraduate programs of unique nature in Materials Science & Engineering and Bioengineering disciplines have been recently launched. The College has introduced new one-year master programs in specialized areas such as Industrial Catalysis, Petrochemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Flow Assurance, and Polymer Science & Engineering to encounter the Industrial Revolution 4.0 trend. Interdisciplinary collaborations in these new disciplines have also been introduced.

Quality assurance in education is our top priority in KFUPM. We ensure that our students are served according to the expected quality standard and strengthen our College's commitment to produce quality graduates. The KFUPM's Academic Quality Assurance Framework (AQAF) is committed to ensure the effective management of the College's programs that are accredited by both national and international accrediting bodies. The B.S. Chemistry and the B.S. Chemical Engineering program are accredited by NCAAA and ABET, respectively.

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