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 Dean's Message

Picture123.pngThank you for visiting our website of the College of Chemicals and Materials at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM). The College is one of the eight academic colleges in KFUPM and hosts under its umbrella four academic departments:  Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Bioengineering, and Materials Science and Engineering departments. In 2021, and as part of the reorganization of the academic sector at KFUPM, the CM College now represents a unique academic platform aiming at fostering education, knowledge and services in areas of relevance to chemical and material science and engineering.

Faculty members in the College are conducting cutting-edge research in the areas of petrochemicals, polymers, catalysis, novel materials, biotechnologies and others. The academic departments in the College contribute significantly to the scientific outcome of the University by publishing in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals, and issuing patents of potential and marketable values.   Our research environment is supported with qualified graduate students, research scientists, well-trained technicians, and up-to-date facilities with a wide collection of instruments and equipment. A good number of faculty members are affiliated with and conducting research projects funded by Interdisciplinary Research Centers (IRCs) in refinery and advanced chemicals, energy storage, advanced materials, and membranes and water security. 

The College subject areas of chemical engineering, chemistry, and materials science are quickly developing and are nationally and internationally recognized. As per the latest QS World Ranking released in 2021, the Chemical Engineering programs is ranked 60th, while our Materials Science and Chemistry programs are ranked among the top 200 worldwide. An important indicator of how we are performing is our alumni. We graduate qualified and highly motivated engineers and scientists who maintain an excellent reputation, and are currently in the leadership positions of influential national and international organizations. Our undergraduate students and faculty members represent 10% of the total academic body at KFUPM, where the student-to-faculty ratio in our classes is being managed not to exceed 12 to 1 to retain the highest possible quality in learning and teaching activities.

Guided by the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the College plans to continue providing quality and distinctive teaching experiences to our students. The undergraduate programs now include the digital foundation knowledge to ensure that our graduates cope with the new demand of the national economy and the global challenges being faced in our world. Furthermore, new concentration programs (known as CX) in line with the pressing job market requirements in chemical and energy industries have been introduced in vital areas, such as refining and petrochemicals, hydrogen mobility, non-metallic materials, polymer science and technology, and others. College and non-College recent graduates can also opt to take well-designed  one-year master programs (acronymed as MX) in highly specialized areas, such as Flow Assurance, Petrochemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis, Polymer Science & Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering and Bioengineering. All these CX and MX programs are managed by the academic departments, offered on a regular basis, and are subject to continuous review and improvement.

The College targets to advance the development of the national economy in essential areas namely: refinery, petrochemicals, advanced materials and energy. We also work along with other colleges at KFUPM to raise the community's awareness about the increasingly important role of science and engineering in the advancement of the local and global societies. If you feel keen and excited enough to join the College in its journey and contribute to our ambitious objectives, you can always reach our office at or contact any of the academic department chairmen.