Common Courses in College of Industrial Management

Different departments in college of sciences offer following common courses. ​Description about each course can be downloaded by clicking the download link infront of it.

Department of Accounting & Management Information System

# Course ID Course Title Link
1.ACCT-110Introduction to Financial Accounting Download
2.ACCT-210Introduction to Managerial Accounting Download
3.MIS-215Principles of Management Information Systems Download

Department of Finance & Economics

# Course ID Course Title Link
1.FIN-250Financial Management Download
2.ECON-101Principles of Economics I (Microeconomics) Download
3.ECON-102Principles of Economics II (Macroeconomics) Download
4.ECON-206Economy of Saudi Arabia Download

Department of Management & Marketing

# Course ID Course Title Link
1.MGT-210Business Communication Download
2.MGT-301Principles of Management Download
3.MGT-311Legal Environment (in Arabic) Download
4.MGT-412Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Download
5.MGT-449Principles of Management Information Systems Download
6.MKT-250Principles of Marketing Download
7.OM-210Operations Management Download
8.OM-310Quantitative methods for Management Download