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 FAQs for Prospective GAs

Q1: What are academia and academic career?

The academic career is very different from non-academic jobs in many ways. In particular, it attracts only honor, research-passionate, and hard-working individuals. Being a faculty member means being involved in teaching, innovative research, and community service. An academic career can be distinguished from other careers through the following aspects:

  • Self-satisfaction through teaching, shaping, stimulating, and inspiring the future generation of Saudi talents.

  • Intellectual freedom, as a faculty member, is free to carry research in his/her own areas of interest.

  • Exposure to highly diversified and innovative research and learning environments through workshops and conference attendance that helps in expanding personal and professional skills.

  • Time flexibility as working hours in academia are often flexible than in other professions.

Q2: What are the financial benefits of becoming a faculty at KFUPM?

  1. Basic salary.

  2. Two-month paid summer leave.

  3. Teaching allowance of 25% of basic salary.

  4. Dearness allowance (from 25% to 40%) for all science, engineering, and business disciplines.

  5. Transportation allowance.

  6. Possibility of two-month summer compensation for summer assignments.

  7. Research compensation for participation in funded research projects and producing quality publications, patents, etc.

  8. Opportunities to produce potentially marketable innovative research through the Entrepreneurship Institute and Business Incubator.

  9. Distinguished Performance Awards (e.g., excellence in teaching, research, etc.).

  10. Conferences attendance funding (up to 3 conferences annually according to University policy).

  11. Discounted tuition for kids at KFUPM schools.

  12. Others…

Q3: What are the non-financial benefits of becoming a faculty at KFUPM?

  1. Being affiliated with KFUPM, the most premier University in the Middle East for engineering, science, and business education.

  2. Furnished on-campus housing unit with free essential utilities and maintenance with low subsidized rents.

  3. Life experience in a nicely designed, high-standard community within KFUPM campus.

  4. Health care at KFUPM Clinic and public hospitals.

  5. Access to a well-equipped state-of-the-art library at KFUPM.

  6. Access to KFUPM entertainment facilities including:

    • Health clubs equipped with swimming pools and Gyms.

    • The Recreation Center for family activities.

    • KFUPM Beach: A nicely designed and attractive private beach in the Half-Moon area.

Q4: What is the timeline of a faculty path at KFUPM from GA to PhD?

GAs have two options when they join KFUPM, either do their MS at KFUPM or get a scholarship directly for MS at top US schools. Those who prefer MS abroad are expected to get admission for MS at top US schools within a year from joining. In both options, a GA is expected to pursue PhD at a top US school upon completion of the MS degree. A typical timeline is two years for MS, and three years for PhD with a possibility of extension upon justification.

Q5: How can I apply for a GA or lecturer position at KFUPM?

Vacant positions are available on the website

  • Application requirements

    • Age limit is 30 for GA and 35 for lecturer.

    • An earned bachelor's degree for GAs (and master's degree for lecturers) from a reputable university in a relevant field to KFUPM (minimum GPAs of 3/4 for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees).

    • Certificate equivalency if the degree was obtained from outside the Kingdom.

    • Delivering a seminar and passing an interview with a department committee.

  • Documents Needed to Apply

    • Required Documents

      1. Official transcripts (BS, MS).

      2. Degrees and certifications (BS, MS).

      3. Applicant photo.

      4. Scanned copy of national ID.

      5. Resume.

      6. Reference letters.

    • Optional Documents

      1. Teaching statement.

      2. Research statement.

      3. List of publications (if any).