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 GA Faqs

  • Local GAs and Lecturers
    • Q1: Is the visitation program active?
      • A1: yes, please coordinate with the chairman
    • Q2: What are the benefits of visiting a top school?
      • A2: this program is offered to help GAs and Lecturers to secure admission in top schools
    • Q3: What is the process to apply for the visitation program?
      • A3: please coordinate with the chairman
    • Q4: Is there a workshop for admission and applications?
      • A4: Yes, the office regularly organizes workshops on admission and application – tips and advises – best practices
    • Q5: Is there a service to review admission application files?
      • A5: Yes
    • Q6: Is there a service to review the statement of purpose?
      • A6: Yes
    • Q7: Does the office has a service of translation of official certificates (e.g., marriage certificate)?
      • A7: No
    • Q8: What are the conditions to refund online application, GRE/GMAT exam, and TOEFL/ILETS exam?
      • A8: These are under review and they will be posted soon
    • Q9: Some universities ask for a fund approval, from where can I get this letter, some embassy/bureau refused to give a such letter?
    • Q10: Are there workshops on TOEFL/ILETS and GRE/GMAT?
      • A10: DAD usually organizes GRE workshop, however, if there are enough candidates the office will be happy to review the possibility to organizes other workshops in the other subjects  
    • Q11: What is the average time required to approve my scholarship?
    • Q12: I have complete my MS, what is the process to be promoted to the lecturer?
    • Q13: I am a GA and I have an accepted conference paper, what are the conditions to attend the conference
  • Abroad 

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