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 Hold List For Spring Semester 182

Note: For quick search of ID, type (Ctrl + F) to open find on your browser. This hold list was last updated on Jan. 3, 2019.

Student ID
Hold Reason
201705770GEOLENGS 68iBT , GRES Q-156 
201184070CEMENGS 68iBT  
200172970PETEENGS Min 68 iBT
201134910EMENGS Min 68 iBT
199527390EMBAENGS Min 68 iBT
199614280EMBAENGS Min 68 iBT
201801580EMBAENGS Min 68 iBT
200617040SENENGS Min 68 iBT
199078910EMBAENGS Min 68 iBT
200861300EMENGS Min 68 iBT
200890700MBAENGS Min 68 iBT
201265760SCEENGS Min 68 iBT
201707830PHYSENGS Min 68 iBT
201708290EEENGS Min 68 iBT
200764850MBAENGS Min 68 iBT
201058460MBAENGS Min 68 iBT
201105010SCEENGS Min 79 iBT
201709210CHEMENGS Min 79 iBT 
201801080MBAGMAS 450 or above
201801180MBAGMAS 450 or above
201801700MBAGMAS 450 or above
201802100MBAGMAS 450 or above
201802380MBAGMAS 450 or above
201802700MBAGMAS 450 or above
201705610MBAGMAS 450 or above
201705230MBAGMAS 450 or above
201704550MBAGMAS 450 or above
201708950CHEMGRES Min Q:159
201802200CEMGRES Q-156
201802920CEMGRES Q-156
200224840EMGRES Q-156
200862780EMGRES Q-156
201801040EMGRES Q-156
201801720EMGRES Q-156
201801760EMGRES Q-156
201802240EMGRES Q-156
201802260EMGRES Q-156
201802320EMGRES Q-156
201802360EMGRES Q-156
201802460EMGRES Q-156
201802780EMGRES Q-156
201803340EMGRES Q-156
200878780CHEGRES Q-156
201803520CHEMGRES Q-156
201708090EEGRES Q-156
201802980EEGRES Q-156
200162610MEGRES Q-156
201256120MEGRES Q-156
201802040MEGRES Q-156
201803640MSEGRES Q-156
201801240CHEMGRES Q-156 
201704390EMGRES Q-156 
201802060EMGRES Q-156 
201704950CHEMGRES Q-156 
201707590EMGRES Q-156 
201801920EMGRES Q-156 
201708590EEGRES Q-156 
201705110EEGRES Q-156 
201707510SWEGRES Q-156 
200802860GEOLFT Residency Progress Report Due
201204580MEFT Residency Progress Report Due
199903170CSEExceeded Degree Time Limit
199248600CSEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201073600EEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201409240CSExceeded Degree Time Limit
201206380CSExceeded Degree Time Limit
200639820SWEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201304750MEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201074040MSEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201074520PETEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201301530PETEExceeded Degree Time Limit
200441820PETEExceeded Degree Time Limit
201074120ISEExceeded Degree Time Limit